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Why choose EPS?

We believe that collaboratively working with you is the key a successful plan.

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We listen to & understand your needs

Big companies may treat all their clients the same. They may use standardized plans that can be applied to all their clients, but at EPS, we believe in the uniqueness of each company. 

Our experts have one-on-one meetings with our clients to understand their requirements and vision.

We plan according
to your unique situation

Once all the expectations and needs have been communicated, our experts sit together and create a tailored plan for each client.


Each team member brings a unique perspective to the table due to their vast experience in the field.


We make sure that each plan has a compliance and contingency plan in place.

We give quick & effective solutions to all your queries

We value the feedback of each client; therefore, all queries are promptly responded to.

If you think your plan needs tweaking, we are all ears to your suggestions and we make sure that all our clients get the most out of the retirement plan we have designed for them

To ensure that the plan is a perfect fit for the client, we consider cost, tax savings, participation, benefits, and pension law.

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